Tuesday, May 17, 2011


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 Salvete. This was a wonderful experience, but I must stop making my big announcements as I have to Egypt to seek shelter from King Ptolemy. This might not be last comment, but if it is, it was nice knowing all of you. I am now prepared to take step on land and leave the boat. Valete, amici.

Civil War

Hello again. I'm in trouble. My only chances of success lie eastward, so I flee to Greece. I am always crowded by these senators, and for once I think supporting them will cause my downfall. Our armies met on Aug. 9, 48BC. I seeked peace with him. That's not what I got, however. I outnumbered him, but my old friend was the better strategist and defeated me. I am currently fleeing from him. I sent my soldiers to Cato, while I go to Egypt.


Nice meeting you fellow Romans again, because I have bad news. I managed to get Caesar as governor of Gaul, and since then, Caesar has been conquering Gaul, and getting new lands and money. As part of the First Triumvirate, I married Julia, Caesar's daughter. She kept us together as friends. Sadly, she died in 54BC of childbirth. The baby didn't last a long time, and even worse, Crassus was defeated in 53 BC, killed by the Parthians. Caesar and I grew envious and fearful of each other. With many patricians like me urging, the Senate decided to bring Caesar back and release his army. He declined and crossed the Rubicon, declaring civil war. I now am in deep danger and must make plans to flee Rome, as my soldiers have not been in war for a long time, but Caesar comes with a fresh new army. I am by far the better commander, but I am being pushed by the Senate and I have inexperienced warriors.

First Triumvirate and Political Life

Pompey The Great

Julius Caesar

Greetings. I will talk about what just passed because I came few times with my busy life. I was in political trouble in 59 BC. The Senate hated powerful individuals like me, so I joined an alliance with Crassus, a very wealthy friend of mine and my fellow consul in 70 BC, and Julius Caesar, a friend and current consul at this time. I became the most important individual in Rome, building Rome's first stone theater. 
Pompey's Theater
Crassus and I were re-elected as consuls in 55BC. I became famous and when Clodius was murdered, I was sole consul in 52 BC. Many things happened during this time, some very sad, some good, and some ruined my career and reputation for the rest of my life.

Popularity to It's Height

Hello everybody. I haven't been on in a while because I was gone getting my popularity to an all new height. Five years ago, my buddy Julius convinced the Senate to send me to defeat all the pirates in the Mediterranean. They had grown into big masses and were attacking big ships. They cut off many sources of food coming to Rome. I was given full power at sea, and power equal to a governor. I could appoint twenty-four legates to parts of the Meditterenean. With my great military skills, I accomplished this in less than a year. After I did this, I was given full control of the East to defeat Rome's second threat, Mithridates. When he was assassinated in 66 BC, I moved on to conquer Syria and the great Jerusalem, after a three month seige. I gained much power, founded new cities, and made new treaties. Now I'm back and the Senate hates powerful indivivuals like me. I wonder what I'll do, maybe make an alliance with one or two friends.

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Welcome, People of Rome

Salvete, everyone. I am Pompey the Great and I have just returned from Spain defeating Sertorius, a former supporter of Marius. On my way here, I defeated Spartacus' final slave army (and took most of the credit for it, even though Crassus did most of the work). It is 70 BC and I am about to elected consul, with my rival Crassus. This probably won't be good. We plan to restore the Republic Sulla destroyed, by bringing back the tribunes. This looks like a good start to a great career for me.